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Tiger's Eye;

   Tiger eye has long been believed to increase the sight of the bearer and give it the power to distinguish true friendship from fake friends.
It most effectively affects the navel chakra.
  Provides viewing angle in distressed and invisible situations. It gives inner peace and supports the carrier to keep distance from the events.
Undecided people are recommended to carry with them in the agreements to be made. It provides warmth, protection and confidence to the surrounding people.
  It protects you from indecision even in difficult situations.
It is an independence stone that makes the stone less dependent on others.
One feature of the tiger's eye is that it is believed to protect it from the evil eye. It was mostly used for this purpose in ancient times. It has been determined by those who try to protect it from negative energy.



   It helps in deep fears and tensions. It strengthens the self-confidence and personality of the carrier. It provides rest and renewal. When placed under the pillow, it relieves insomnia and gives a restful sleep. It helps us to adapt to creative ideas and our accustoming, to tolerate events. As a joy stone, it infuses calmness and joy of life.


Crystal Quartz;

   Quartz stone gives light and clarity on all chakras, but most effectively and intensely affects the crown chakra. It is a stone that can be used in almost all signs.
  Quartz is a mineral that takes energy from the Moon. The energy reaches its peak in the Full Moon and affects the sensitive people very much. The stone provides open-mindedness and enlightenment. It helps us confront ourselves, thus removing memories that have been thrown into the subconscious, and thus accepting ourselves.
  The positive energy of the stone is your greatest aid in overcoming spiritual and mental limits. While contributing to the development of personality on the one hand, it also strengthens our external perceptions. It generates energy to increase our mental, physical and spiritual level in our body.
  It repels all negativities in the environment. It is very suitable for meditation. It is an emotional stabilizer. It collects, activates, accumulates, transmits and strengthens positive energies as it destroys the negative energy that occurs around the person. It also has a feature that activates thought forms by stimulating brain functions.  


About Epoxy; 

   Certified ***We use epoxy that is VOC Free and BPA Free, which means non-toxic and not harmful to the human body. 

Metal powders are one of the main elements and indispensable in the work of orgonite. It allows positively charged ions emitted from electronic devices to be collected in orgonite.


Spiral Copper;

   It is used to direct the energy cleansed by piezoelectric properties (quartz, tourmaline) crystals.


During the making of orgonite, 528 hz healing sounds were played.


All of our orgonites, with a clean mind, intention and meditative feelings, we listen to mantras and healing sounds during the production so that the person can benefit from this orgonite at the maximum level. We keep our stones in the garden for 3 nights every full moon. When you buy your orgonite, you can easily load the first intention in your palm and it will work accordingly. Orgonite is a self-cleaning device, but we still soak it once a month in full moon light or running water. With the intention of healing our orgonites to you, us and the whole world ..

Sacred Geometry Orgonite, Tree of Life Necklace, Orgonite Jewelery, Tiger's Eye

Rope Colour
  • This orgonite necklace is created with the tree of life and sacred geometry winding technique and will help you feel eternal vitality and divine unity. This orgonite is all about inner strength, confidence, and vitality. It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness with included stones.  Promotes compassion and empathy.  Encourages perseverance.  Aventurine relieves stammers and severe neuroses.  It stabilises one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.  

    Dimensions: 3.9 cm - 1.53 in * 1.39 cm - 0.55 in

    This orgone contains; Tiger's Eye, Aventurine, Crystral Quartz, Spiral copper, Non toxic resin, Iron & Brass shavings, Silver plated copper wire

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