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   Hello, My name is Ali. I am a computing expert. My Orgonite adventure started in 2015 when I was in search of a new hobby for myself. One day a close friend of mine introduced me to the Orgone energy and its healing powers.

   I started making orgonites as hobby and with time become more and more interested in stones and their powers and sharing this magical energy with loved ones to support them with their spiritual healing journeys. With the comments and positive feedback I was receiving from people around, I decided to take the leap to professionalize this hobby into a business.


   Since 2015, besides producing orgonites, I have been conducting researches on crystals, minerals and various energy streams looking for the purer and cleaner energy forms.  

  I'm very pleased to offer you my orgonites, which are designed using the sacred geometry principles, perfected with the knowledge and experience I had the chance to gather throughout years of research and practice. 

  Thank you for joining OrgoneX family.



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