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Metatron Fire Opal, Enhances skills, Awaken inspiration, Boosts memory,

Metatron Fire Opal Contains: 7 Fire Opal, Labradorite, Crystal Quartz, Azurite, Elite Shungite, Mixed of Steel, Iron Oxide and Brass Shavings, Spiral Copper, Bail is Spin of Two Copper  and made with non-toxic epoxy.


Dimensions: 3.8 cm(1.49") 1.3 cm (0.51")

Metatron Fire Opal, Enhances skills, Awaken inspiration, Boosts memory,

Rope Colour
  • Fire Opal: 

       Wearing or meditating with fire opal is believed to awaken inspiration, original thinking and an imaginative outlook. Boosts memory – In crystal healing traditions, fire opal is tied to improving mental clarity and information processing.


       Azurite is well known as the “Stone of Heaven” for its magnificent properties. It activates the connection between mind and body, allowing you to focus more. It enhances skills and psychic abilities which helps you to enter a deep state of meditation, giving you a feel of heaven.


       Labradorite is a stone of magic and mystery, said to promote psychic ability, intuition and spiritual enlightenment. It is also said to be a powerful protector, warding off negative energies and helping to keep the aura clear and balanced.


    Elite Shungite:
       Shungite stones are purported to aid in healing, clear negative energy, block harmful radiation, and purify drinking water. Its high carbon content and distinctive structure enable shungite to neutralize harmful pathogens.


    Tensor Ring:
     Within a Tensor Ring is an infinite source of energy that is neither electric nor magnetic with an output that is beneficial and healing to all life forms. It is a superconductor that neutralizes magnetic fields, bringing coherency to chaos, and easily stabilizes and equalizes the bio magnetic and energy fields of the body. Tensor Fields produce a measurable gravitational effect.

    Tensor Technology is noted for its use in healing, energizing and restructuring water, enhancing plant growth and vitality, beekeeping, among thousands of other observations, including connectivity to the spiritual.Tensor Fields are science based, though go far beyond the current scope and reality of most sciences. Tensor Rings are truly an integration of Scientific and Spiritual Technologies.



    Crystal Quartz:

      Crystal quartz is known for its healing properties, including energy amplification, mental clarity, physical healing, protection against negative energy, and support for spiritual growth.

    About Epoxy; 

       Certified ***We use epoxy that is VOC Free and BPA Free, which means non-toxic and not harmful to the human body. 

    Metal powders are one of the main elements and indispensable in the work of orgonite. It allows positively charged ions emitted from electronic devices to be collected in orgonite.

    Spiral Copper;

       It is used to direct the energy cleansed by piezoelectric properties (quartz, tourmaline) crystals.

    All of our orgonites, with a positive mind, intention and meditative feelings, we listen to mantras and healing sounds during the production so that the person can benefit from this orgonite at the maximum level. We keep our stones in the garden for 3 nights every full moon. When you buy your orgonite, you can easily load the first intention in your palm and it will work accordingly. Orgonite is a self-cleaning device, but we still soak it once a month in full moon light or running water. With the intention of healing our orgonites to you, us and the whole world ..

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